This is the Threat i received from an admin of a forum that I post upon:


I was just forwarded a post that said you called this an imperialist site where there is no freedom of speech, and I approved its deletion.

It’s like this. You tried to tell us about something you did not like over the past couple of weeks. We refused to listen. You are not able to see eye-to-eye any more with the moderators.

Things will not change – this site is privately owned, and the moderators are totally against some kinds of posts which you obviously have no problem with, which has translated into your believing that there is no freedom of speech here. With the beliefs you hold, you will find these things will keep happening again and again, and you’ll keep getting reasons to complain against the moderators.

The best course of action then suggests itself. There perhaps are sites that will allow posts of the nature that we delete. You should logically feel more at home there. I am sure you’ll eventually realize that the people on whose behalf you’ve taken up cudgels are completely worth your leaving altogether in disgust, giving up whatever little it offers you.

You can send me one more PM bitching about , and I promise I will read it and not reply, as a last gesture for someone who’s been here for a while. Then we’re through. If you would like to continue, however, there can be no post from you directly or obliquely/sarcastically criticising anything about us, on the forums. We don’t need that from anyone, and we are tired. If you choose to stay, let’s keep it dignified, and if you choose to leave, let’s keep it dignified.

You should realize that we are running a risk by writing to you through a PM than make this a post on the forums – the risk that if you choose to leave, you may now go on to the forums, and make a last emotional post about how you find yourself forced to leave due to “imperialism” on this site, perhaps even posting this private communication, positioned suitably and quoted appropriately to match the tone of your post.

But we hold you in regard for how long you’ve patronized us, and it is out of that regard that we are taking that risk and respecting your privacy by not posting this to the forums ourselves, instead of choosing to pre-empt any damage you may do by posting this on the forums directly.

We do hope you stay, though. But it would have to be way you co-existed with us until 2-3 weeks back, in a spirit of mutual respect.


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8 thoughts on “Threats!!!

  1. hehehe…..jungle just got banned. Probably because he said something about the mods being gay.

    He was talking about the whole banned gang go to his office and confront him šŸ˜‰
    Welcome to the dark side YCR.

  2. Oh my god! This is so….words fail me right now.
    All I can say is things are so blown out of proportion from both sides…but wow, they are very sensitive these days huh?

  3. I think silly issues is being blown out of proportion by both sides and the mods are taking every word said on the forums personally.
    Everyone, including the mods, take it easy.

  4. Like Mayavi said, the mods are taking everyhing vey personally, and Kishore seems to be insecure about everything. Sad.

  5. I am dealing this issue as a no-issue! Main apne hisse ki imaandaari rakhoonga! Lets see how he takes it!

  6. *at BW’s comments:
    wait, wasn’t Kishore out of the pic? I thought there was a new dept head?

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