Da Riposte!

He wrote:

I was just forwarded a post that said you called this an imperialist site where there is no freedom of speech, and I approved its deletion.

FYI, I did not label FH as an imperialist site.I just mentioned that there is a lack of anything like Freedom of Speech on this site.The Free & Frank way the site was before was precisely the reason why it was flourishing the way it was! And I added a slogan from a Hindi movie. If thatz what caused you to think that I had called this site Imperialstic, then itz a communication gap, thatz all!

He wrote:
Things will not change

As a Matter of fact, they have! And while all of us thought that the issue was blown out of proportion and were slowly forgetting it, it was unnecessarily freshened up again! And note that it was’nt caused by us (not directly,at least) We jus’ happened to reply to a purely innocent post in the manner that we felt was appropriate!

He wrote:
The best course of action then suggests itself……. your leaving altogether…..

Whoa! Whatever course of action that you’re subtly suggesting ain’t gonna happen! If i’d had been that ‘disgusted’ as you’re making it out to be, I’d have stopped posting long ago.After all, I am here on this DB Coz’ of the members that inhabitate it. The kinda bonding and camaraderie that I’ve garnered over the past one year on the db are far greater than the small hiccups that have surfaced over the past few weeks! I had almost forgotten the ‘bitter happenings’ until your PM has reopened it once again!
Even Now I shall not let ths mild stumbling block come in my way on the DB!

He wrote:
You can send me one more PM bitching about and I promise I will read it and not reply, as a last gesture for someone who’s been here for a while. Then we’re through.

If i’d been a ‘bitcher’ that you’ve conveniently made me out to be, you’d have had many such ‘bitchy’ PM’s by now But the fact that you have not had any of them, shows that I have got over those things. After all, I do have my work-related stress & my own Life to look after! If you’re tired replying to all those accusations, I too am tired of throwing them about Mr. Green

He wrote:
If you would like to continue, however, there can be no post from you directly or obliquely/sarcastically criticising anything about us, on the forums. If you choose to stay, let’s keep it dignified, and if you choose to leave, let’s keep it dignified.

Now thats what I’ve said before in the “Questions” thread. Let there be a set of Guidelines that the members have to adhere to. Unless we have it down in writing, one can’t expect any semblance of peace or order.
Transgressions will continue to be treated harshly by you thereby further strengthening the belief among the members that there is no freedom of speech on the boards and it runs along the Whims & Fancies of its moderators.If there is a Rules/Guidelines thing, we can always bring light any transgressions and it wll also cause no fingers to be pointed at you!

He wrote:
We do hope you stay, though. But it would have to be way you co-existed with us until 2-3 weeks back, in a spirit of mutual respect.

See at it this way , You’ve mentioned on the Boards that whenever we allude to the mods,it shows them in a bad light and causes the other members to look at it in a half-baked way,thereby jumping at false conclusions about you.But is’nt it true that more than our words on the boards, it is your actions and reactions that paint a far truer picture of your nature and the kinda effort that you put in into running & maintaning this mammoth site? Should’nt your actions reflect your attitude.
The Truth is, it is YOUR actions that determine how good/bad you are and NOT our comments!

You speak of Mutual respect. I’m afraid to say that You’ve lost some of mine after the incidents and i can also say that I have lost some (or maybe all) of your respect by the reactions that I’d presented.Let’s not delve again into the Whys & Ifs & Buts of it.

All said and done, I have decided that (Inspired by you, I must say) that I wll not take this issue up any further.No point in blocking the path forward with rubble from the past! I will continue to patronize this forum and continue interacting with the members in the same manner that I’ve conducted myself in the past one year or so. Whether I do it with my present ID or whether I have to create a new one for it, is in your hands.
You have clearly mentioned that since yours is a private board, you’ll not tolerate any transgressions and may even Ban me coz of this PM. I shall hold no malice unto you for that! I’ve posted on the boards that “One man’s sky is another’s Earth”. Same holds good here.
I’d close this lengthy riposte with My new Sig:

“It is because of the Members that the DB is here and NOT because of the DB that Members are here”


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5 thoughts on “Da Riposte!

  1. needs to get a life and most importantly FRIENDS. He needs to get a good lay too. Wonder why he is like this. Probably because he hasnt been laid in a million years. teehee.

  2. *claps* Good job, Chittu!
    If that won’t melt their bitter hearts, ah, its gonna be tough…

  3. Great blog ! I really appreciate your work.

  4. Try a different phone. Each phone is a little different. Another phone with an external antenna may work better

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