Bengaluru Diary I

Me is finally in Bangalore…oops! Bengaluru….after much Dilly-Dallying.Most of my Friends & batchmates have settled in Bangalore and they had been raving and ranting about me not paying them a cursory visit! Its another matter that during the past year, none of them have managed to come to Hyd atleast once :humph:

So here i am, in the ‘city-of-boiled-beans’ as one of my friends chose to call it 🙂 . Journey was pretty comfortable, in the confines of an APSRTC Garuda which sailed in smoothly into Majestic at 9 AM local time. I acted upon the ill-timed suggestion of my friend and boarded a BMTC bus…and in a matter of few minutes, I had realised that Life was indeed very cruel! From the comfy cosiness of a Volvo B7R to the rickety backseat of a BMTC bus was indeed a crashland situation for me !!! It safely deposited me at my destination, an hour later and I was in the Midst of my friends within no time. We reminesced about the good ol’ days and had a Jolly Great time altogether…….

The Diary will continue……..

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