Bengaluru Diary II

After Yakking about old days and other umpteen things, it was time to regale my quite-an-healthy appetite and This time I was not Gonna get conned into going to one of the numerous ‘Sagar’s that seem to have sprung up in every nook & cranny of Bangalore.

So off we went to a ‘Hatke’ place called….hold your Breath!!! Chandni Chowk!!! “Chandni Chowk? In Bangalore? Thatz a really prepostorous suggestion” you might exclaim…but wait! It ain’t a marketplace like its namesake in Delhi…but a Small eatery in Koramangala thatz named after its more popular cousin up North! The ‘eatery’ is more of a Dhaba! Heck! It IS a Dhaba…….As you enter into its dimly lit corridors, you can hear the sound of gravel crunching beneath your afeet and as you glance down, you’ll find that the entire floor is nothing but gravel,rocks & sand!!! And teh most interesting part is….the Tables & chairs are all made of……..Rock!!!! Nothing but stone slabs!!! There are some cushions though, for those with a err…..weak bottom!!Ambience was a bit ‘plastic’ i.e they ‘tried’ pretty hard to get a rustic sorta ambience but failed miserably! Music blaring through earthen pots, posters adorning the walls, even table mats of Film posters doesn’t quite gel into the Dhaba look & feel!

Food was Good……’twas spicy yet tangy and was extremely Palatable. Some of the Breads were a bit oily though! The cuisine is essentially Punjabi with lotsa Tandoor delicacies and dishes. Reading the menu will raise few giggles as the ehadings are given as ‘Soup-Woup’ ‘Sabji-Wabji’,’Roti-Shoti’ etc…..quite appropriate,considering the fact that most of us head out to a hotel and generally yakk about having some roti-shoti-sabji-wabji!!! Cost is pretty moderate, though the sweets are priced as if they were bought directly from Chandni Chowk,Delhi!!! 48 bucks for two pieces of GulabJamun is daylight Robbery!!! All in all a nice place to go maybe once in 2 months. More advantageous for those who love Non-Veg and have a voracious Appetite! A meal for four would cost somewhere in the range of 600-800.

P.S: You Might want to catch this Rediff Review and this one on Mouthshut.


Chandni Chowk
Next to National Games Village
Bangalore — 560 067

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