Bengaluru Diary III

The Second day of my Sojourn at Bengaluru saw me wake up very late at 10 am and do nothing but idling all the time! Those Friends are to blame who had to attend Office on a Balmy Friday, inspite of their Friend taking a Holiday to Visit them!!! Very Inconsiderate!!!!

No Issues though…work is worship for them and I understand it…..! So I was Lonely all the morning and did nothing xcept gorge on some really delicious Sambhar n Idli and hot n fluffy Set Dosas at a canteen nearby! Radio City 91 FM was my companion for the entire afternoon and that was more than enough to lull me into a gentle yet deep slumber! Lunch was soon forgotten amidst the slumber and only a Plum cake that was leftover from the night before was my fill for the day. The day came alive at 6 PM in the evening when I started for the most (un)happening place in da city—Da Forum Mall!!!

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Sharp at 6:30 PM, I landed at the North Gate of the Forum Mall and had a quick recce of the surroundings to see whether my friends had arrived before me……but hey! can there be anyone more punctual than me!! No way…..So….I was all alone and to rid of the boredom I wormed myself into the Reliance WebWorld.A Quick Recharge and I was up n running…..A half-an-hour later, I realised that these guys are Late and i stormed out and was lying in wait for them! Then….My agile ears picked up my name being announced over the PAS and to my surprise, it was a message for me saying that my friend was waiting for me at the South Side Entrance!!! Of all the Damned cheek! After Telling me to wait at the North gate, he lay in wait for me at the South Side!!! Totally Unrprofessional & unwarranted!!! A few apologies later, some other very special friends too made their appearance and we all nestled ourselves into the cosy ambience of McDonald’s! After grabbing some quick Tikkas & Wraps n Colas & Ice Creams…..It was time to say bye to the Early-to-Home kinda friends and we the nonchalants roamed all around the Mall, eyeing quite a lot of PYT’s on the way……;-)

Now, any visit to the Forum Mall is incomplete without a visit to the PVR Cinemas. Not that we expected to get tickets on a busy weekend, but nevertheless, a glance ain’t gonna cost us money, would it?

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A few glances later…we spotted yet another friend and now it was time for us to have a really filling Dinner over at Transit!It was one Food Court which had a multitude of offerings….and we grabbed ’em with both hands. Chinese, Thai, Mughlai & South Indian were the choices and we utterly relished them! Washed all that food down with some Cool Drinks and some Ice Cream to Boot! Before long, It was time to return home and we ended up paying a hefty 100 bucks to the auto even though the time was not past 9:30!!! In that regard and also because of the F’ed up roads, Bangalore lags behind other cities like Hyderabad & Pune & even Mumbai! For a visitor while it can be so Harrowing, I can Imagine the plight for Bangaloreites…many of whom may have resigned to the fact that itz not gonna improve and jus’ leave it at that with a sigh!!!

Only one more day to go for my stay in Bangalore and i am not gonna do anything but relazz at home!!! Period.

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