Bengaluru Diary III

Okay okay….I am listening to your rants Mr. Vik……..I shall post the remnants of the tour diary now…….

For the unnitiated…my Buddy (henceforth referred to as V) was pestering me non-stop about the concluding part of my tour diary! Little does he know my OS Woes!!!! Sigh!!!

Day 3 of my stay at the city of boiled beans and I had firmly decided that this was gonna be a rest day! Mr T had kindly consented to stay back overnight and as luck would have it, he was given the day off from his MCSE classes (The Lect finally succumbing to moi charms!) As we had yakked about old things & other stuff late into the night (as Mr V was snoring soundly!!) , we had woke up a Li’l late. Piping hot Idlis & Set dosas were the breakfast items that found their way into our innards.Since it was a saturday, friends had a day off. We freaked out at home till late afternoon and then skipped off to a Goan Rest-O-Lounge for Lunch.

Waitaminnit….only the name was maharashtri-Kolhapuris- but all the so-called-delicacies were plain ol’ indian and somewhat unspicy! All the afternoon was spent in some heavyweight chatting and reminescing! All of us rejoicing in our memoirs and laughing away all our blues. Finally, after a heavy-duty nap, it was time to say GoodBye to Mr.T and an hour later, it was my turn! With a heavy-heart, I bid farewell to moi buddies and off I went…….

The auto in which I was going to the Bus Station was driven by a guy named muthu…but he sure thought that the he was Michael Schumacher! We vroomed into Majestic in a li’l under half-an-hour!!! A quick bite and wait and voila…I was in da bus back to Apna Hyderabad!!!

One Pic that I would like to share with you all..which will standout as a truly great memoir of my Bang Visit!

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