A Gift from Hutch

Yesterday I received a Li’l gift from Hutch -The Cellular Operator, in the form of some free talktime. Had received an SMS cofirming that my a/c has been recharged with a talktime of 180/-. I did’nt quite realise why or how i got that. I had recharged a week ago and couldn’t fathom as to how it happened.

And then it dawned upon me! Hutch has this e-topup facility by which customers can get their account recharged at any authorised agent

Recharge your Hutch Prepaid Card anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is walk into the nearest Hutch retail outlet and ask for an eTop-Up. Pay for the recharge amount of your choice. And your prepaid card will be recharged instantly. You will also get an SMS confirming the same

Some poor soul must’ave approached an agent for recharging and the guy must’ave keyed in my number by mistake šŸ˜‰ and thatz how I came to get the amount on my a/c. I presume the dealer did’nt get his money since the customer never got the recharge! Poor Soul! But I’ll take it as a blessing in disguise :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “A Gift from Hutch

  1. Hi YCR,

    My Bro also got the same kinda msg but the amount was only Rs. 10, looks hutch is really gifting talktime.

  2. hehe……good good! May the gifts keep on coming!

  3. Congrats for the free talk time.

  4. hehhe…thanks mate…I used it up long ago šŸ˜‰

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