After much dilly-dallying, I Finally made up moi mind to go shopping and splurge on some bare necessities as well as luxuries. The initial unbridled enthusiasm soon gave way to a sense of despondancy as the ‘Obscene’ price tags came into view….it was daylight robbery đź‘ż

But hey, not being one to give up, I kinda changed track and zeroed in upon a plan…that of splurging on One single ite per month. SO this month i started from the botton…err…ahemm…i.e. da feet! MyOld WoodLands were past their prime and they had served me very well for the better part of more than 4 years!!! Thatz too much for an average pair that had cost me a bomb back then…all of 3K !!!! Being a brand-conscious guy, i hopped into the nearest Reebok Showroom…..but came back disppointed…they had all style but no substance! Then Adidas and David Beckham beckoned me inside and after a bit of noseying around, I decided that these were not for me… not earning ‘Obscene’ amounts yet, for those kinda pairs could only beNike afforded by the filthy rich! (Filthy I am, but Rich? Nopes….) Then i trudged along to the Nike outlet and…..wonder of wonders……they had the kinda range that suited my pockets!!! Off came some 10 pairs from the shelf and I was as henpecking as an Ol’ auntie at da grocers’….after much haranguing, I came back with a sleek Nike Francos….

All in a day’s work!!! And now I’m wearing them to work and they are uber kool! It got the share of stares it deserved and its kinda confy too! Whatmore can I want :mrgreen:

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