Moi Visit to Infy Hyderabad

This weekend, I had a memorable experience…..I visited the Infy Campus in Hyderabad. Courtesy my friend Ravi whoz a kinda engineer there! I must say they’ve gota really nice campus out in the wilderness…..not that itz really a wilderness….having such neighbours as the Indian School of Business and Microsoft to boot!

The Sprawling Gardens

The Main buildings are surrounded by lush gardens with walkways all around’em and dotted with fountains n springs and the works. There’s as much greenery n open spaces as there are buildings…though my friends argues that the campus at Pune and Bangalore are far more lush and greener.

Da Food CourtOne of the prominent and I must say popular building is the Food Court :mrgreen: . It is the most centrally-located building and has a giant of a dome covering a really spacious atrium. Regarding the food, I cannot say much as I haven’t had the chance to partake any! Though I had the privilege of having a Diet Coke!!!

So, this saturday was an eventful one for me…..having got to visit a place, which otherwise I wouldn’t have !!! And now i Understand why people say that working at Infy is a lifetime’s experience in itself!!!

One thought on “Moi Visit to Infy Hyderabad

  1. Informative post….thanks for sharing your experience.

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