Bangalore is Quite Quiet!

I reached bangalore in the wee hours of Friday and as My bus weaved through the Suburbs into the City, I Could sense a wierd sense of eerieness all around. That’s mebbe because it was too early for people to move around but one can hardly expect a silent marketplace at 7AM in Summertime!
But after what happened on Wednesday, it was expected…..

But hey, as i reached the ‘Busy’ areas like Jayanagar & JP Nagar, i found out that it was business as usual and by 8AM, the buzz was back to normal! Good too see a quick turnaround! Most people were apprehensive about me undertaking a trip to the City when it was in a state of Strife…but no fears now…..Bangalore is back to normal……Cheers to that!!!

I’m here for three days and shall hope to ‘ReKindle’ the Bengaluru Diaries that I had penned down on my last visit here……..Adios

One thought on “Bangalore is Quite Quiet!

  1. glad to hear banglore to normal

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