Joan Miro….

I checked out Google the first thing at work today, and i saw that they had a new Logo! Google has this thing about having new logos for any events/holidays/festivals etc and today, they had a different one.

A bit of digging and I found out what it was all about. The artwork is by Spanish Painter Joan Miro. Today, i.e. April 20th is his Birthday. Good to see Google saluting some celebrated artists in such perfunctory fashion. Read more about Joan Miro, at Wikipedia

If you are interested in knowing more about Google’s fascinating tryst with such Logos & Celebratory images, head over Here

2 thoughts on “Joan Miro….

  1. Read this in

    >>In a homage to Joan Miro on his birthday, Google changed its logo as to spell out the word “Google” in Miro’s style. Google has a history of changing its logo in order to commemorate events and holidays of particular significance. In this case, the homage was not well received by the Miro family or the Artists Rights Society which represents them, as reported by the Mercury News. According to Theodore Feder, president of the ARS, “There are underlying copyrights to the works of Miro, and they are putting it up without having the rights”. The ARS demanded that Google removed the logo, and Google complied, though not without adding that it did not believe it was in violation of copyright. The ARS has raised similar complaints regarding Google’s tribute to Salvador Dali in 2002. “It’s a distortion of the original works and in that respect it violates the moral rights of the artist,” Feder said.” It seems to me that the art world has a glorious history of incorporating prior art into modern creations. It’s amusing to me that ARS doesn’t understand that.

  2. Oops! i’d better remove the hotlink here too!
    Thanks for pointing that out Arul.

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