A Huge Mine

My oh my! This is the second post of the day about something that is touted as the world’s biggest! I had received a forward from a friend Mr.V, which had these images of a now-defunct diamond mine in the siberian region of Russia. The mine is in the city of Mirny. From Encyclopedia.com:[MIRNY :town, NE Siberian Russia, in Sakha Republic. Founded in 1956, when diamonds were discovered, Mirny grew rapidly and is now the center of the Russian diamond-mining industry.]

A li’l digging led me to a some more information about the mine. It is said that the mine is so deep that it had to be declared as a no-fly zone! Thatz because any aircraft flying above will be sucked in asa result of the air turbulence it generates! Now i’m no physics genius but i think that it is plausible. And beleive it, few accidents have indeed occured there!

Some Images:

Rim of the Mine An Aerial View Another Aerial View

Image Courtesy: Airliners.net

3 thoughts on “A Huge Mine

  1. Look at the second (aeral) photo. There is an airstrip there on the right. Obviously it is possible to fly over the freaking thing.

  2. Yep! But as the say, the air turbulence would be great enuff to prevent that 😐

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