Pokiri Vs. Fanaa

Since today is the day of image posts, lemme make yet another! I have seen the hoardings of a telugu movie- Pokiri that released today and I must say that atleast one of the visuals has an eerie similarity to the promo visuals of Fanaa that are airing since a fortnight or so! Now they might or might not have been copied but they sure are similar….eerily similar! The positioning of the lead-pair has reversed but aesthetically, both are very near! Color-scheme and compositioning too is too close for comfort…..see for yourself:

Fanaa Pokiri

Or am I being too much of a doubting thomas?? :mrgreen:

One thought on “Pokiri Vs. Fanaa

  1. Yeah, the publicity managers of Pokiri had “unintentionally internalized” Fanaa’s promo materials, leading to the above mentioned poster 🙂

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