Of Chain Mails…

There would hardly be a day when one doesn’t receive any chain mail in the Inbox. A mail exhorting receivers to send it to ‘n’ other people within ‘n’ days ! The ‘n’ here is any whole number greater than 5 and can go upto any number as per the fancy of the sender :evil:. These kinda chain letters are dangerous because of the humungous resources that they take up for progression from one to another. And in today’s corporate environment, Imagine the crunch on E-Mail gateways and apps….not to mention the valuable time they consume!!!

Most chain-mails prey upon the vulnerable traits of human beings.For most people, money and luck are important factors and they touch a very emotional chord with them.Ditto with superstitions or beliefs. So most of the chain mails are get-rich-quick schemes but a far greater number are Good Luck/Bad Luck schemes. Send to n people and luck will shine upon you!!!…..Send to n friends otherwise bad luck will haunt you for the rest of your life!!!

I got one such mail today accompanied by a harrowing pic…..

This photo was taken in a hospital after the patient was in an accident where he was responsible for a young woman’s death. It is said that when you receive this image and do not send it to at least five people, the woman will look for you during the night to collect your soul.

People in Laredo, Texas, received this image and did not send it and were killed outside a bar; it looked as if this woman killedForwarded Chain Mail Pic! them.A couple in a western suburbs area of Sydney received the message anddeleted the picture without sending it to at least five people, Thiscouple was murdered by their 15 year old neighbour who claims to have been possessed by the woman.A 28 year old woman in Whittlesay Road, Cambridgeshire, England was rundown by a car driven by a another female that fitted the description of the woman in the photograph, the police investigation revealed that the murdered lady had received this picture only 4 hour before her untimely death and did not pass it on to at least 5 people.

Poppycock!!! I never ever believe in such cock-a-bull stories and often implore others also to steer clear from forwarding such stuff..but human nature is difficult to change. So as long as there will be meek people who blindly believe in these nonsensical things, E-mail fraudsters will continue to thrive!!!

2 thoughts on “Of Chain Mails…

  1. I got the email aswell just today…when I looked at the picture..I got freaked out but I thought..” I wonder if this picture is on the internet and someone took the picture, stuffed it an email made up a story to freak people out.” and when I typed in “Don’t Look Under the Bed.” There was the photo. This photo is from a movie.

    This email is spreading everywhere…and freaking poor people out.

  2. Itz been around for quite a while now! The people who spread such stuff ought to be burnt at the stake 👿

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