La Mexicana II

Its been a while since I've been to Shikaar, the Mughlai n Mexican eatery a few blocks from our office. And since today the time was ripe as well as the occasion, we (colleagues & myself) decided to grace da place with our presence once again :mrgreen:

But this time, I did not have a delightful outing! Going with the trend of last time, i plumped for Mexican cuisine once again whereas my colleagues decided Indian food was enough for them! They had plain Chic Biriyanis whereas I ordered a Corn ah la Verde which was a soup made from corn and sauteed green onions. Very soon i regretted my decision…the soup was kinda bland and had this distinct taste of coriander which i absolutely detest! With my taste buds literally crying out loud to spare them, I quit halfway and fervently hoped that the main course would at-least be better! But alas! Fate is indeed very cruel and the Mushroom and Corn Casserole and Especialidades that i'd ordered turned out very odd indeed! The Mushroom dish was laced with pasta (which I don't like) and had a generous helping of sour cream n cheese that I never found tasty! The only thing palatable for me were the Garlic toasts that came with it. I had to satiate my hunger by pilfering some biriyani off moi colleagues' plates!! Indeed a very disappointing outing for me. And I solemnly decided to put a full stop to my Mexican escapades. No Mexican stuff for me hence. Period.

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