Mission Impossible III – The Talk

Mission Impossible III (MI3) – the much-awaited movie starring Tom Cruise, finally released in the US and other countries and from what I've gathered on and around the net, the talk seems pretty positive. Most viewers have rated it a 4 outta 5 and have even touted it as the "best action movie" of all-time!

Hollywood.com Says :
The third impossible mission is certainly more personal than the others, but truly the franchise serves only one purpose: To show Tom Cruise donning disguises, dangling precariously and blowing stuff up. In that regards, M:i III succeeds.

With the movie releasing in India only in Mid-June (as per the official site) its a long wait for action-buffs like me to catch it on the big screen. Unless, of course, those friendly-neighbourhood cd shops get the pirated version from Malaysia/China/Philippines!! And in any case, there are the DVD rips that would be available soon ( Me hafta learn more about them and also Torrents.I've zero know-how about them )

BBC Says :
After a lengthy development period that has seen innumerable actors and directors hired and fired, you might expect M:I III to be a bit of a dog's dinner, but director JJ Abrams (of Lost and Alias fame) brings an admirable clarity to this convoluted tale of evil arms dealer Hoffman's attempts to sell off a deadly weapon called Rabbit's Foot. The script manages to cram in brain-bombs, a breathless helicopter chase through a wind farm and a new twist on those delightful face-mask disguises, while remaining just on the right side of preposterous. Abrams' shooting, meanwhile, is witty and unobtrusive. It's a great relief after the operatic stupidity of John Woo's M:I II.

I had downloaded few Trailers and Walliez from their site but one does get bored with seeing the same stuff all over again. The movie is the real deal and, I can't say with bated breath but will nevrtheless, look forward to this one this summer. The reviews suggest that Tom Cruise has put in a good performance and even the support cast have thrown their bit.Michelle Monaghan and Keri Russell (not to forget Maggie Q) share the glamour portion – not that action movies need'em anyways- whereas Ving Rhames is back as Luther Stickell, the nerdy assistant. A new joinee is Jonathan Rhys Meyers, whom Indians would remember as the coach in Gurinder Chadha's Bend it like Beckham.Its another matter that its Keira Knightley who is more popular now! A Lion's share of the praises have gone to Laurence Fishburne (who gets "all the best dialogues") and the villian Philip Seymour Hoffman (who is "too good for this movie").

Other Good Reviews: SkyMovies & IMDB 

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