Scary Trailer

I was Just surfing Idly through the website when this sudden ad caught me unawares and managed to scare the living daylights outta me! It was a 'mouseover' kind ad i.e. an ad that would start playing only when the Mouse was rolled over it! And a person can't be faulted for moving the mouse over the webpage, can he?? And just a li'l glimpse was enough for me to get scared!

Not that I am a person who gets easily scared (Heck! i don't get scared at all!!!) but all this was so sudden and the environment too was kinda empty! Imagine being the only one on the floor with almost a hundred empty chairs and PC's for company…spooky!!! 

And by the way, if you're interested enough, you can watch the Full trailer Here ! I dare you that you'll also get the creeps…..

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