A Race with a BMW!

This happened today afternoon as I was on a bike(a Pulsar 150 cc) with a friend, moving towards office along the recently-widened Punjagutta-Jubilee Hills Stretch. Now this road leads onto the LV Prasad – JHCP road which, arguably, is the best road in the city! Vehicles go very fast on this stretch and is quite adrenaline-pumping! Imagine our surprise when a BMW -Yes! a B-M-W! – zoomed past us with a motion as sublime as a danceuse. BMW CoupeWe  decided to give chase without much ado…the road was deserted ('twas 3 PM!!!) and the Red tint of the car was like a magnet for our instincts! It was a helluva chase; not anything like the one in The Matrix, but thrilling indeed and hats off to moi friend for that controlled aggression as we barely managed to match the pace of the beast. But, in the end we managed to catch it! Err…..So what if it was because it stopped at a red light !!! I'm no car-zealot but it was a sleek piece all right and methinks it was a G5….dunno anything much else!

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