Summertime Rains

It was a pleasant surprise to see heavy thunderclouds gather up above, in a sky that was devoid of such clouds for almost two full months! The temperature was soaring day-by-day and was in the mid-40's for most part of the last week. But today the stormclouds gathered at around 3 PM and a light drizzle gladdened the spirits of the Hyderabadis who were reeling under the intense heat till now. Suddenly mirchi bajjis seemed to be a hot commodity and they promptly disappeared off our canteen shelves! 

It is indeed an invigorating sight to see dark n heavy clouds up above in the month of May! The occassion was not lost and many of us gathered on the terrace admiring the skyline and the peacocks that were getting ready to strut their stuff in the park just across our office. Bliss!!! Wish everyday in summer would be like thus henceforth!!! Wishful thinking,eh? 

2 thoughts on “Summertime Rains

  1. Wishful thinking eh? Aren’t the same guy who hates getting drenched in the rain…

  2. Sahi hain! I hate the mud n slosh that a rain brings! But I am always up for a spot of cool weather 😉

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