InvisionPlus Under Maintenance

The popular Free-Forum hosting site, InvisionPlus, is undergoing regular maintenance work and their servers are scheduled to be offline for almost two hours on Wednesday, the 10th of May 2006.

In order to eradicate the recent low performance from our server, at approximately 14:30 Wednesday May 10, 2006 UTC/GMT we will start to transfer the mySQL database data to a new custom-built server. During this time all forums will be offline. The time that it will take to migrate to the new server is not known exactly, as there are about 30GBs of mySQL data, but it will probably take about 3-5 hours. After this, all forums will be querying the new mySQL server for forum data, leaving the current server with more disk space and less load. This change should make Invision Plus one of the fastest free forum hosts on the net

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That means that our beloved forum, the FreeHyderabad discussion board, will be offline for sometime – a thought so painful that we’re already making alternative arrangements for survival!!! Hahh! That was just a joke! I know that these routine server-upgrades are routine stuff and they are after-all for our own good. Hoping that InvisionPlus gets up and running soon and the forums remain as fast as ever! And yes, the people most happy with this are my colleagues who are heaving a sigh of relief that I’ll be off Discussion boards for atleast sometime! Bah! They’re plain jealous!!!

2 thoughts on “InvisionPlus Under Maintenance

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  2. i hate there support they should let members help people to

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