Moviez Galore

I had prided myself on being a movie buff and an honest one at that! i.e I prefer watching movies at the theatre and not on a mere 14-incher! But things took a turn for the worse since a few days. Sometime ago, I, quite inadvertently, had 'Stumbled-upon' a treasure trove of links to download newly-released movies!!! On offer were latest hollywood blockbusters such as MI3, An American Haunting etc as well as Bollywood releases like 36 China Town , Rang De Basanti et al. the Movie buff within me was crying out loud to steer clear and not to download them, whereas the geek in me was imploring me to get the movies for watching without paying a penny! It was a classical battle – of a man trying to tame his inner-self, of a honest person trying to defeat the demons within, of a sane individual trying his level best to soothen the eager inner desires! And Guess who won??

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