Of GMail and Orkut Signouts

Picture this scenario: You’re using the popular browser Firefox. It has tabbed browsing. In one tab you have Gmail opened and are chatting with some friends as well as compsoing some Mails. In another Tab, you have Orkut opened up, signed in with the same GMail id. Once you’re done with whatever you gotta do at Orkut, you Signout……you come back to Gmail and notice that you have been signed out of the GMail chat server as well!!! And you’re unable to send or even save your mails!!!

Sounds pretty far-fetched?? NO! It happened to me umpteen times. Signing out of Orkut caused me to be signed-out from the GMail service as well. I don’t understand the logic behind it all! Agreed that it is similar to the Yahoo! network where if you signout of the groups site, Yahoo! Mail is also not accessible but there it is the same service and a common service provider. But Orkut was till recently not with Google….then why this ‘Overlapping’ of user-sign-ins?? Is it technically-correct?? Am I shouting out loud for nothing?? I need some answers………

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