The ‘Other’ Blog

Blogger.comI had a blog over at Blogspot (Now Blogger) some years ago, 2004 to be precise. I had intended it to be a long-standing affair and had laid down some good plans for it. I was in my Engineering FY and I was thinking on the lines of making it a Technical blog from a Technocrat's point-of-view. In fact, my first post was about GMail, when it was newly launched and was an invite-based signup. I was kinda pi$$ed of on not having an invite and had rambled on about how it was all hype n hoopla & no substance! Well, today I stand corrected. Seeing how GMail has become the primary mailbox of many a people, I take back my rants made close to two years ago! 

Now, I have decided to revive the blog and also try to maintain it in parallel with this one. Whereas this would be my primary blog, I shall endeavour to make the other one a 'lighter' one i.e. for having a good laugh once-in-a-while. I shall be posting funny videos, inane newsbits, juicy tidbits, humourous PJ's and other such stuff. Let's see how far can I carry on with that…..As they say, a job well-begun is half-done! One of the reasons why I'm doing it is that Blogger supports Object tags, by means of which I can upload videos from the YouTube repository; which is one of the largest source of funny n cheeky videos. I'll also post the numerous PJ's that I receive in my inbox almost daily.  For the record, the URI of the 'other' blog is

2 thoughts on “The ‘Other’ Blog

  1. Funny blog there, may frequent it 🙂

  2. Thanx! I get these forwards all the time…so I thot of putting all of them at one place :mrgreen:

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