Google’s ‘Trends’

Search Giant Google launched a slew of new services a few days ago – Google Co-Op , Google Desktop 4 , Google Trends and Google Notebook. While Co-Op is aimed at improving the search results by adding users knowledge to it, Desktop v. 4 is the improved version of Google Desktop which has been revamped with Googe Gadgets(much like widgets , methinks); Google Notebook is a scratch-pad type application that lets users store and share URLs and other data copied from Web pages. Though it has not yet been launched fully, TechCrunch has reported that it is somewhat similar to the social bookmarking service – . You can find some screenshots here . Lastly, there is Google Trends, which is projected as Google's commitment to openness.It lets users access data regarding the popularity of search terms over a period of time (which, currently is three years) and then lets them filter that data by city, region, or language. Google has been releasing such data to various agencies & governments in the past but now it is made public.

More about Google Trends

Its working can be explained by a small example. Let us say we want to compare amongst Himesh Reshammiya and A.R.Rahman as to who was more-searched and by whom! We'll head over to and key in Himesh Reshammiya, A R Rahman (separated by a comma) and click 'Search Trends'. Lo! We get the data in a graphical format – a line-graph showing the search 'amount' over time and a bar-graph showing the regions which have accounted for the most searches.

Trend History

Region-Wise Breakup

The graphs show that whilst Rahman has been consistently searched across a period of three years, Himesh has come into the limelight only at the start of this year! And one more thing that is not-so-evident from the graph is that while Himesh may be 'more popular' than Rahman, it doesn't translate into him being a better composer than Rahman!

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