Urban Tadka – Wholesome Vegetarian Food

My quest for good food led me down to the My Home Tycoon building in Kundanbagh, Begumpet- the same building where Lifestyle is located. The Building houses some fine dining places and pubs, the most popular being 10 Downing Street. Others include the Haveli, Carrot, Malgudi, Kabura, Sparks, Club 8 to name a few. I was in a dilemma as to choosing Malgudi Vs. Urban Tadka but after a spin of the coin, decided in the latter's favour!

Located on the 2nd floor,Urban Tadka is a wholesomely vegetarian eating-place. The decor is tastefully made and is spacious enough to seat about 50 people. Once inside, I was mighty surprised to note that their Menu is printed on Slates of all things!!! Pretty innovative idea but seems out-of-place! One of the deciding factor for me choosing UT over Malgudi was the rich Buffet spread they had in place. I plumped for the buffet straight away, as a la carte can wait for some other day! Starters included a choice of three soups-Tomato,Lemon Coriander or Veg Hot n Sour and a glass of Jaljeera. I chose the Tomato soup and some crispies as accompaniments. There were also some 4 varieties of Chaats n savouries which are quite filling, esp. the Chhole Chaat! Main course included two cuisines- chinese & indian. The chinese cuisine had Veg Soft Noodles, Veg Manchurian and Veg. in hot-garlic sauce….pretty routine chinese stuff seen in almost all Andhra hotels. Noodles were soft n tasty and the Manchurian too was well-made. Top marks for both of'em. Indian spread included Paneer butter masala (I'm getting tired of it!!!) and Malai Kofta, the latter being absolutely Lip-smacking! Bhindi do Piaza completed the curries lineup. Breads available were Plain/butter rotis, Masala/aloo/paneer Kulchas and Makke di Roti. I chose Masala Kulchas as they're quite filling and boy, was i right! Topped up with a dollop of butter, they were gone in a jiffy! There were two rice Items, Plain rice & Peas Pulao..but by now I was full and had to savour the desserts also, so I skipped 'em. Desserts included Kaddu ka halwa (Ewwww!) and hot-hot Gulab Jamoons. Gulab Jamoons are best had with Ice Cream and they had four varieties-Vanilla,ButterScotch,Chocolate & Strawberry! I had two helpings each of Vanilla & ButterScotch and coupled with the hot Gulab Jamuns, it was pure bliss!!!

All of this was priced at just Rs 119 (Taxes Extra) and IMHO, that is a real steal! If you have all the above-mentioned items in a la carte mode, I'm sure one will rack up a pretty heavy bill! And thatz here the buffet scores over the traditional mode, esp. with singletons like me! The dishes were piping hot and neither too spicy nor too bland. Service though, was not that prompt and they need to get some experienced hands. Ambience is also top-notch with soft-lilting music playing in the background. I spotted quite a few cosy-couples as well !! All in all, i'd rate Urban Tadka amongst the best eating places that I've been to in Hyderabad. Being a Vegetarian one, it sure loses out on the high-paying clientele but it is not exactly a High-end hotel so no issues there! I'd recommend it for everyone wanting to have wholesome vegetarian food at affordable rates. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “Urban Tadka – Wholesome Vegetarian Food

  1. It is the varied trains of thoughts and opinions that bring out the beauty of this endeavor. I like what I read, but do not necessarily agree with all.

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