ItwoFS – The ‘Inspired Indian Film Songs’ Catalog

Sometime ago, I stumbled upon this site- ITWOFS – which is the definitive guide to the  'Inspired Indian Film Songs'. It catalogs many songs, jingles and stuff that are either 'inspired' or are blatant 'ripoffs' of other artistes' works and/or international albums/compositions. I never found time to go through the site in its entirety; but i did do that today and was flabbergasted by the sheer amount of work that the webmaster, Mr.Karthik S, has put into it! I doff my hat to him 

ItwoFS basically catalogues the songs that have either been copied from or have been seemingly inspired from other sources such as international albums or some obscure artistes. The said pieces of music have been neatly arranged according to language & music directors. It mainly concentrates on Hindi, Telugu and Tamil music and also has a page dedicated to Ad Jingles that have been 'inspired' from other sources. The lists contain a brief write-up on the music piece and evidence of the 'inspiration' is provided in the form of small audio clips in rm format.

I was surprised to see that most of the latest as well as old music bits that were hugely popular, have been copied/inspired from other uncredited sources. For instance, the just-released audio of Krrish contains a song Dil na diya which, apparently,is a lift from a turkish military anthem, Ceddin deden!  Or take the case of the movie Gangster, whose music director Pritam has lifted the tunes of Ya Ghaly for the song Ya Ali ; Kal Shab dekha for Lamha Lamha and Sacral Nirvana for the popular Tu hi meri Shab hai !!! Even the hottest music director nowadays, Himesh Reshammiya, is guilty of lifting some tunes for his hit movie, Aashiq Banaya Aapne! The song Dillagi is copied from Ali Zafar's Rangeen and Marjaawan from a song of the same name by Faakhir!!! Listen to the originals as well as the 'inspired' bits at  

I'm sure that this is the tip of the iceberg as far as Pliagarism in music is concerned. I'm sure there are many more instances which either are difficult to document or are so subtle that it is almost unnoticeable. What rankles most is that in almost all of the cases, no credit is given to the original composer which amounts to robbery! When the Indian Music Industry is taking steps to check the rampant piracy, why is this pliagarism going on unchecked? It is only due to the work of well-meaning individuals like Karthik that this malice is atleast coming into notice of the common public. Otherwise they would'ave remained like skeletons buried in the closet! 

8 thoughts on “ItwoFS – The ‘Inspired Indian Film Songs’ Catalog

  1. i want to know the english title of the sonf “Krishna Dharti Pe Aaja” from the film “DISCO DANCER” and also the original english artist.Please help me

  2. Given the name of the movie, I request help in locating an archive from where I can find 1. list of songs of that film,2. the year of the film, 3. singer(s) conserned, 4. music director, and 5. lyrics writer.
    BPN Singh

  3. Thanks for exposing. They should be sued!

  4. Is there a site for plagiarised movies?

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  6. please please please i want to know the original song of “o saathi ray tere bina bhee kia jeena” from muqadar ka sikandar…please email me i need it with many thanks to all..


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