Anti-Spam Co. Forced to close after Spam attack!

This may sound wierd but true! In a true-blue case of the saviour becoming the victim, a company that produces software that fights spam has been forced to shutdown because they faced a barrage of spam from the people whose ops they had closed!

TechTree Reports: Blue Security, an Israel-based anti-spam firm, has been forced to cease operations after facing a series of attacks from Russian spammer, PharmaMaster.

Over the past few months, Blue Security had been making significant strides in eliminating spam from the lives of its customers. But several spammers viewed this phenomenon as a threat to their business, and launched a series of attacks against the company, in the process taking down hundreds of thousands of other Web sites through a massive Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack and causing damage to ISPs, Web site owners, and Internet users worldwide. The spammers also began a relentless campaign of email threats against many members of the “Blue Community”.

Blue Security stopped operations as of May 17, and its Web site displays a message informing customers about the closure.

Read the rest of the story here.

This could set a bad precedent for the small companies that aid the larger service providers like Yahoo! or Hotmail in fighting unsolicited mail. I think that the software used by these mail-providers are made by smaller and lesser-known firms, like Blue Security for instance or even Captcha ,DomainKeys etc.(Though Captcha is a project of the Carnegie Mellon University !) So all of those firms might be at threat from these guys who think Spamming is cool !!! What a world we’re living in!

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