Today, May the 22nd is the birthday of the legendary author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is best remembered as the creator of the 'Most Famous Detective in History' – the inimitable Sherlock Holmes. Sir Arthur was also a doctor by profession and many believe that the character of Dr.Watson in the Sherlock Holmes stories was modelled upon himself whereas Holmes was modelled upon Doyle's professor, Joseph Bell.

Sherlock Holmes LogoThe Sherlock Holmes stories were amongst my first full-fledged reads and I had the complete edition of all Holmes' stories ever published! What's more, I have read through it completely not once or twice but umpteen times! Here's to the great detective and his creator. An interesting thing is that the search giant , Google , have put up a new logo commemorating his birthday.

References: Sherlock Holmes Online | Wikipedia | Google Logos

Another Literary personality who was born today was Georges Remi, better known to all ofTintin & Snowy us as Herge – the creator of the teen detective Tintin. "Hergé" is the French pronunciation of "R.G.", the reverse of his initials. Teenaged reporter Tintin and his pet dog Snowy, have had many adventures acrss the globe all of which were penned and illustrated by Herge. Tintin's friends included absent-minded Professor Calculus , the rumbustious Captain Haddock (he of the Blistering Barnacles fame!) and the detective duo of Thomson & Thompson. I have read most of Tintin's comics as a child and have loved the TV series. In fact even now, i catch the dubbed versions on local channels! Isn't it an amazing coincidence that the creators of two of my favourite literary characters were born on the same day!

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P.S: May the 22nd also is the birthday of one of my dear friends Mr. Sarfraz and i hereby wish him a very Happy Birthday!

3 thoughts on “Birthdays

  1. Tintin is on the top there in my list of must have set of comics, along with Asterix. It is amazing how many people who know everything about Spiderman/Superman and such never heard about Tintin or Asterix.

  2. People mostly relate better to Superheoes and tend to forget characters that are more humane, Tintin for ex. Hence U see kids screaming aloud for Super/Spider/Whatevva-Man rather than Tintin!

    But yes, Tintin is one helluva comix. I read’em as a child at a Bro’s-friend’s place.He had almost 50 of’em!

  3. Herge’s, the fav of all my comics 🙂 I used to read em for Haddock’s slang and Calculus’s confusions 😆

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