Weekend Movie-Watching

The weekend that just went by (May 20th and 21st) saw me & my roommate indulging in some heavy-duty movie watching. Intersped with a vizit to moi folks' place, we managed to watch four movies that were either missed in the course of time or were unavailable at the time of intent. We kicked off with Veer Yoddha , the hindi version of The Myth, the Jackie Chan starrer which made quite a few waves in India coz of the presence of Mallika Sherawat! A so-called action flick which felt more like a mishmash of a Rakesh Roshan flick (owing to the punarjanam theme) and a Ramanand Sagar fantasy (owing to some immortality stuff!), it was truly unwatchable, even with Jackie's stunts! The saving grace of the movie was the korean actress Hee-seon Kim who was truly beautiful ; both of us were enamoured by her!

Next up was the finicky comedy Kya Kool Hai Hum. A ribald and sexist comedy, it was an utter crap of a movie right from the start. Gross sexism and innuendoes made up the bulk of the story which was an inane attempt at toilet humour! Yet again, the saving grace of this one was the leading lady. Ishaa Koppikar for me whereas my roomie found Neha Dhupia too good to resist! An eminently avoidable movie which was an utter waste of money! Hanuman was the next movie we saw and I'm sorry to say that i missed most of it due to my trip to folks'.The last of our marathon-movie-watching-session was the rib-tickling comedy Garam Masala. Priyadarshan's movies have been fun and this one is no different. Garam Masala is a remake of a tamil flick which was also made in telugu and one which i'd seen! Nonetheless, the hindi version was better and the songs were supra-cool! Heroines were hot n pretty but it was the comedy-of-confusions that was the high-point of the movie. Akshay Kumar was at his best in such a role and though John Abraham overdid it , he was ok. Paresh Rawal was wasted! All in all, a mast timepass movie! Esp. the songs!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Movie-Watching

  1. I hated Garam Masala. I just feel that I lose so much of my time because of useless Hindi movies.

  2. No Garam Masala was a good movie except the last part where they have stretched the movie like anything…………..i enjoyed it

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