LoGoogle Closing Down???

The Logo-spoofer site LoGoogle which used to provide users with text written in the same color-combination and a similar font as Google's official logo, has shut shop,I presume. When I visited the site today, all it displayed was a "This Site is currently Closing" message and a link to another Logo-Spoofing site! In hindsight, it was not that surprising. Since it was in the business of providing logos that were eerily similar to the search engine behemoth's , it was maybe natural for them to take action against it! But here lemme be clear that I am in no way sure that this is what has happened. They might have had server problems for all i know! But they surely used to do some nice logos. I mean, the color combination was purrfect! See the image below: one on the left is, obviously , Google's logo whereas the one at the right is a 'logo' (if you can call that) i'd made sometime ago outta LoGoogle!

LoGoogle Vs. Google Logo

3 thoughts on “LoGoogle Closing Down???

  1. Good layout Chittu. I like this theme.

  2. Thanks! Jus’ made a post abt it!

  3. I think it used the font illegally perhaps? Catull is the font used by google and it is a commercial one…

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