Superman Returns – Director’s Take

Superman ReturnsNow that Mission Impossible III and The Da Vinci Code have come and gone without creating that big a splash at the box office (not counting DVC's controversies i.e.) and X-Men III – The Last Stand due to release next week, the focus now partially shifts onto the fourth most eagerly-awaited movie of the summer. Phew! That phrase almost sounds like a cliche! And that movie is Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. Set to release in India on June the 30th (which happens to be the birthday of yours truly!) the movie marks the return of the Man of Steel to earth after a brief absence, only to find that the world has moved on without him and even his lady-love, Lois Lane has got married and is now a mother! And Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor is back at his dastardly deeds.Read the movie summary here.
I can't help but feel that this is the third superhero movie to take into picture the emotional and personal aspects of the hero's life. After Spiderman – which saw Peter Parker having to reconcile with his lover's engagement and friend's hatred- and Batman – with his 'dark' undertones and all – it is now the turn of Superman to realise that being a superhero can be, well, tiring!

Wired magazine carried this interview of the director Bryan Singer, which I thought was a good read, delving as it does into the director's mindset and how he visualised the movie and then 'drew' it on celluloid. Excerpt:

For a guy who never liked comic books, Bryan Singer has spent a lot of time reinventing them. In 2000, the director surprised the fanboy cognoscenti with an original take on Marvel’s band of superhero misfits in X-Men. He followed that with X2: X-Men United, a sequel that had the temerity to be better than the original. Singer’s task this year is to return the man of steel to pop culture relevance with Superman Returns, a movie that picks up where Richard Donner’s Superman II left off.

Read the full article, by Thomas Goetz of Wired Magazine, here . Another good read is The Myth of Superman by Neil Gaiman & Adam Rogers on the same issue of Wired.

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