Unseasonal Rains

Hyderabad saw a brief spell of rain yesterday evening in and around the Punjagutta area. I wasen route to home from office when the sudden showers caught me unwares and I was drenched! Rain showers in the middle of may are pretty hard to fathom but there it was. Though most people thought that it would bring a much-needed respite from the sweltring heat, I thought that, on the contrary, it raised the humidity levels which made it for an uncomfortable night!

As the showers kinda wore off, I moved towards home to find that there was not even a drop of rain in that area! But more rain was to follow in the late night. From the state of the roads today morning, I presume it drizzled all night. This time around, it did indeed bring the mercury down and even a 10 AM commute to office was not as dreary as it would’ave been on any other day.

IMD reports that Hyderabad received around 13 mm of rain which has managed to raise the relative humidity levels to around 60%. Not very high, is it?

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