New Theme

WordPress staff introduced a few new themes and I thought that the time was ripe to change my own theme. I had started off with Regulus and then moved onto Blix and then had Silver is the New Black before settling down with Andreas for quite a while. So I tried out each of the four new themes, but frankly, I was disappointed with all of'em! While Flower Power looked too girlish n all dressed up – and hence a big NO for it- Emire was too dark-colored for my liking! Moreover, the links' images were not visible, only the text, which I quite didn't want my blog to be displaying! The third  one, Supposedly Clean , was minimalistic and the way it presented the About Me on the main page , I didn't like it at all! Ambiru, was the best of the lot and I'd have stuck with that it weren't for the positioning of the sidebars at the absolute bottom!!! That would'ave made 'em called the 'Bottombar' instead of sidebar :mrgreen:

But since I had already decided that a theme change was in order, I chose the Thirteen theme.I liked every aspect of it , except the fixed-width! Why on earth I can't enlarge or stretch it just that wee bit 😦  As a result, I had to trim moi blog's heading from The Wierd Wired World of Chittaranjan! to jus' My Wierd Wired World ! You win some, you lose some…ain't it!

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