Tycoon’s Buffet @ Green Park

Yet another Friday and yet another eat-out! It has become a sorta habit (and a bad one at that!) for our team to go out gallivanting and having lunch out, leaving behind home-cooked-food brought in carriages! Today, the venue was Green Park, Hyderabad.One of the trendiest though a li'l bit outta the limelight hotel, it has three restaurants- The Tulip, Chancery and Once Upon a Time. We plumped for the classy Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A TimeThe speciality restaurant, one of the largest and undoubtedly the best in town, is known for its exquisite decor and choicest cuisine. Here one can actually savour the delicacies of the royal bygone era. Situated at the heart of the city, at Greenlands, Begumpet, at a close proximity of 3 kms from the Airport.

The buffet spread was aptly titled Tycoon's Buffet and we almost felt like one :mrgreen: After grabbing quick seats,we started off with some Chicken Sweetcorn & Spicy Coriander Soup accompanied with Chicken Drumsticks and Cauliflower Schezwan. One round wasn't enough and we were on for an encore. Then it was time to whet up the appetite with some chaats & savories including Chicken Chaat, Lamb n Corn roasts, Fruit Salad, Sev Chaat, Veg. Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich with Brown Bread, Curds n Cucumbers, Pickled Veggies,Coriander Egg chaat etc. Main course comprised of Vegetable Biriyani, Veg Fried Rice, 'live' Noodles , Naans & Roomali rotis, Gutthi Vankaya Koora (wholesome Aubergine curry), Aritikaya Khurma (Banana Curry) , Chamalakanda fry (Arbi fry), Shahi Paneer (Cottage Cheese) in the Vegetarian section whereas the Non-Veg section boasted of Chicken Biriyaani, Murgh Mussalam, Lamb in black beans sauce, Fish Fry and Egg curry. Other dishes which we didn't even venture close to were the Plain Ol' Dal fry, Plain Rice, Sambhar & Curd Rice. Who'd want'em when such a luscious spread was in front of you! The 'Cracker' stuff included Papads, Finger crisps, Soy nuggets & fryums. But they were more like also-rans. The piece-de-resistance of all of it were undoubtedly the desserts. The hotel whipped up a mind boggling array of fruits, sweets & desserts that would surely send a shiver up dieticians & doctors alike and make strong-willed dieting people, weak in the knees (Jus' like me :evil:) Arranged neatly on one side were Freshly cut Mangoes, Jelly Mangoes, Pineapples, Papaya slices, Strawberries with cream and fruit salad, whereas on the other side, there lurked Kalakand, Malai Chaman, Kaajas, shrikhand, kaalajamoon, semiya kheer – both with sugar & sugarless – baked pineapples, an assortment of pastries like blackcurrant, raisin, butter scotch and pineapple, strawberry jelly, orange jelly, strawberry ice cream and vanilla ice cream (with chocolate sauce, tutti-fruity & nuts as toppings). A spread fit for a king, as they say!!!

Ambience of the hotel was well-done and cosy. Seating was plush and comfortable. With a star-tag attached to it, its service was impeccable and glitch-free! What stood out as a warm gesture was the F&B manager walking up-to me after I'd mentioned one or two things that I thought should change (in the feedback form), and politely enquiring about why I felt like that. He patiently listened to my ramblings (am never too eloquent with words!) and took in all that I had say, very cheerfully. Though whether they'll be implemented or not, remains to be seen πŸ˜‰ . All in all it was a marvellous outing and a tremendously refreshing -not to mention, extremely filling – lunch. Highly recommended!

5 thoughts on “Tycoon’s Buffet @ Green Park

  1. You foodie…half of the posts on ur block are abt food. consider renaming it :mrgreen:

  2. Whaddo u think the Food Section is about πŸ‘Ώ

  3. yeah ok πŸ˜›

    BTW, rate kya hai wahaan? weekends mein 270 hai suna…thats too much!!

  4. but the price doesnt matter, if the food is really good enough to tickle ur taste buds

  5. The price is a Kingly 325 bucks per head πŸ˜‰ but yeah, itz not an issue as long as the food is good :mrgreen:

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