Radio City In Hyderabad?

For the past few days, there has been a quiet buzz going around that Radio City – which, arguably, is one of the best FM Stations out there – has started operation in Hyderabad. I have seen atleast one print ad and a few messages on message boards. But apart from that there was no inkling about the station having gone on air. But today, I happened to hear it! Radio City is testing the airwaves, so it seems and was definitely on air for quite some time. It broadcasts on the 106.4 Mhz frequency and as Asiawaves puts it, the 106.4 Mhz bandwidth is eserved for Radio City and the status is shown as "Reported Testing,May 2006" 🙂

I haven't been able to find the Radio City webpage though! I remember that they used to  syndicated through sometime ago but now the site doesn't feature there 😦 . So looks like we've to wait some more days before we can say for sure that Radio City has indeed kicked off operations in Hyderabad! Until then…keep tuning to 106.4 Mhz and try to catch'em in action!

7 thoughts on “Radio City In Hyderabad?

  1. My parents have been tning in to Radio City. It defeinitely promises a lot..

  2. And it plays Hindi songs also 🙂

  3. radiocity has launched in hyderabad. finally. 106.4fm with an interesting mix of programmes.

  4. Yeah! They play a good mix of Hindi n Telugu and their VJ’s too are better than the others’. But am yet to see them advertising it and promoting it 😐

  5. its good to have radio tune in our city it rocks when ever it plays

  6. hello radio city…i m intterested in ur radio organisation…i m talented and i want to work for ur radio station…i m good at all three languages which is required by hyderabad…people…kindly tel me how to follow up

  7. hello Radio City….

    I am intrested in working as Rj in your organisation.
    but not finding any way to reach uuuuuuuu people.

    well i am quick witted, humorous, update my knowledge in current issues.

    I have completed my Post graduation.
    I have worked as a child artist in AIR, Doordarshan and also dubbing artist for 3 movies.

    So let me know how to approach.
    Looking forward for your reply.

    thsnk you

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