Watched it!

In Yesterday's post, I'd stated that:

One movie which we were very keen on watching but ultimately skipped seeing was the Arnold Schwarzenneger starrer Terminator III:Rise of the Machines !

But not to worry! With AXN screening the movie again on yesterday night, we could watch it all over again :mrgreen: The action scenes were pretty hard-hitting and power-packed but it was a tad difficult to see two plasticine-like faces of Arnie and the sexy Kristanna Loken! Never for a moment did she seem evil & menacing đŸ˜‰ I kinda got bored with the climax, which seemed so dragged-on! But overall, a deffo-watch movie, if you're an action-lover and an Arnie-fan to boot!

One thought on “Watched it!

  1. Judgement Day still pawns all other parts… And the first part was *yuck*

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