I Am Mighty

Yes! You have read the title correctly 🙂 I am indeed a mighty human being! If you don't trust me, just visit this site that has been created by my followers! http://ychittaranjan.youaremighty.com :mrgreen: Once you are finished with the site, and have acknowledged that I am Mighty, return back here and read the rest of this post……..

The Flash animation that played in the site is nothing but an Animated-Note or an Aninote for short!

What is an Aninote? Aninote is short for ‘Animated note’, which is
different then a legacy e-card. Aninotes are musical animations that
are customized to display the name of the recipient in the animation.
Customized Aninotes will allow additional content to be modified for
the recipient. Another important feature of an Aninote is that the web
address for the Aninote (e.g. http://Robert.Blake.YouAreMyFriend.com)
contains a summary of the overall message contained in the Aninote. In
this example, the Aninote would be about Robert Blake being your

Established in 2002, YouAreMyFriend.com was made available as a prototype. After the first week, over one million visitor had viewed the Aninote. YouAreMyFriend.com, enjoyed a tremendous run when it first hit the
scene. It was featured in Newsweek, The Globe and Mail, MSNBC, TechTV,
and even hit across the Pacific on Japanese radio.Aninote.com was created, and is maintained by Robert Blake from Toronto Ontario Canada. Robert, an Information Security Specialist by profession, created Aninote.com during his free time, and continues to support it as a hobby

Aninote.com – About

So, now that the cat is out of the bag, lemme tell you that i may (or may not be) mighty, but I am a great friend of many people around the world. You don't have to take my word for it….see this particular webpage: http://ychittaranjan.youaremyfriend.com :mrgreen:

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5 thoughts on “I Am Mighty

  1. The music …Thts awesome ma man … I was listening to the same music for half an hour 😮 . I am forwarding this to all my friends by replacing your name with V4Vendetta 😛 [I mean that makes an indirect reference of V to the listener/viewer :mrgreen: ]

    btw do u have any idea who composed the music?

  2. Absolutely wonderful chittu, you deserve that self-promotion. I couldnt listen to the music.

  3. Why can’t we change the names?
    That’s the whole point of the website, you ditz.

  4. We ‘can’ change the names…put in whatever name you want!

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