FIFA World Cup 2006 – Day 2

Due tovarious previous commitments, I missed most of the action that took place on the 2nd day of the FIFA World Cup! Whils the much-fancied England team was taking on ParaguayI wadozing off in a jam-packed bus, waiting for the traffic jam to clear 👿  The Englishmen eventually triumphed 1-0, thanks to an Own goal from Carlos Gamarra. I hear it came from a David Beckham free-kick but went into net off Gamarra's head! What a pity! The Second game was a drab 0-0  draw between Sweden and Trinidad & Tobag. Even though Trinidad & Tobago played with 10 men for most part of the match, they fended off Sweden and hung on for a draw. Credit to them.

The only match which I did see was thematch between Argentina and Ivory Coast. Though Argentina was me more-fancied team, Ivory Coast did give them a run for their money all throughout the match. Though the Ivory Coast players had speed and the skills for a quick offence, their finishing abilities were not yet fine-tuned for the big stage and Argentina was able to clear off all such chances without much ado. Hernan Crespo opened the scoring for Argentina and the Javier Saviola added another one, much to the chagrin of the Ivory Coast Players. They did come back at Argentina strongly, but could only manage one goal, by Didier Drogba in the 82nd minute. The match eventually ended 2-1 in Argentina's favour but well-played Ivory Coast

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