FIFA World Cup 2006 – Day 3

June 11th, the 3rd day of the FIFA World Cup , saw three matches being played out in the cities of Liepzig, Nuremberg and Cologne. The First match of the day was Netherlands taking on Serbia and Montenegro (who were labelled as SCG :|) at Liepzig. The Dutch masters winning the match 1-0 thanks to an early strike from winger Arjen Robben.Though the Serbs played well and looked like scoring more than once, they didn't quite possess the finesse of the Dutch players. In fact, they'll rest happy with the knowledge that they could limit the no. of goals to 1! 

The Second match, which i did not watch, was between Iran and Mexico. Mexico won the match quite comfortably 3-0. The third and last match of the day was between EURO 2004 runners-up Portugal and their erstwhile colony- Angola. This world cup has seen some early goals and this match also was no exception, Pauleta scoring in the 4th minute – after having a chance as early as the 1st minute – from a Luis Figo pass. Angola was making their debut in the World Cup and their lack of experience showed quite plainly. They could manage to create some chances but could not quite finish them off! They too will be consoling themselves as to having restricted Portugal to a lone goal

3 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup 2006 – Day 3

  1. I heard Aus vs Japan was a controversial one and also exciting as there were three goals scored by Aus after the 84th minute.

  2. Yeah! That was one helluva counter-attack by Aus in the dying minutes of the game. How come u missed the Aussie match?? It must’ave been at late-night telecast!

  3. Yeah I have work early in the morning.. But won’t miss the next one.

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