My First Brush with Heavy Metal

Saturday evening was unlike any other weekend for me! It was the day which will go down in the annals of history as the day when I happened to visit a Heavy Metal gig and a pub-both on the same day!!! The Event was a Heavy Metal gig at Hotel Green Park's Pub- Escape. The band that was playing there was one of the most popular bands in Hyderabad, called Sledge.

SLEDGE is a 5-piece metal outfit that has emerged from the ever so rapidly growing Hyderabad rock scene. It must be said that the band has had a major role in putting Hyderabad on the national rock scene, and this, as the story usually goes, has been done against the odds though the initial stages were plagued with lineup changes and Non acceptance of heavy metal in the city.The band has been around since 1998, but things started getting serious only in the year 2000.

I had once or twice listened to some Heavy Metal stuff from Nile and Black Sabbath, courtesy my friend Mohammed,who is a member of the up-n-coming band Wreckage; but have never been so close to it! It was a terrific gig with fans headbanging and moshing like crazy. I was attending it because the members of the FreeHyderabad discussion boards decided to meetup there. In teh end only 3 of us turned up 😦 . It was good fun nevrtheless! The band played mostly covers of Iron Maiden and Sepultura and other bands which I barely know :|. Though I couldn't understand a word of the songs, it was quite a helluva experience. Added to the fact that I was witnessing Hyderabad's night-life in a pub for the first time, made it all the more exciting.

2 thoughts on “My First Brush with Heavy Metal

  1. You don’t go for the words mate! You go for the music. Once you go Metal there is no turning back. Try Metallica once.

  2. Hmm….No harm in listening once….shall try to lay my hands on’em! Thanz mate

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