Dhamaal at Dadu’s

The day was Wednesday and the time was just about getting onto 7PM. Our motley gang of five friends & Colleagues (comprising or Anil, Vinod, Bhaskar, Harsha and myself) was making its way into the busy bylanes of Himayathnagar. The destination was a svelte eating joint called Dadu's Mithai Vatika on the Himayathnagar main road. I would christen it as the Gokul of the East :mrgreen:. For those who came in late, Gokul is a popular chaat joint in Koti,Hyderabad. I have been hearing some plaudits about this place and what better way to verify thos claims than verifying it thyself! So all plans were laid out well in advance and before long, all five of us were ensconed on the first floor of Dadu's Mithai Vatika!

The ambience is quite good and decor was pleasant. There was ample sating place on the first floor, which I'm told, would be chock-full with people on weekends! So much so that the menu has a notice saying that for the public's convenience, chat items won't be served upstairs! Instead one would have to have'em on the front as in Gokul's! That gives an idea about the place's popularity. A few of our gang were already previous vistors of this place, so out came their thinking caps and we ordered four ourselves a few plates of Laccha Tokri, Dahi Bhalla and Chhole Bhature! The first-mentioned item is a delicate mix of sprouts, crispies and vegetables mixed with thin sev and pudina chutney, served in an eatable bowl (or tokri) garnished with a generous helping of cold curd and coriander leaves! The second one was some kinda Veg Dumplings served with Curd and coriander garnishings! Last-mentioned dish comprises of fried Puris called Bhaturas, accompanied with salad and Kabuli Chana curry. Once we were done with the first round, it was time for an encore!!! Out came the menus and this time 'twas the rurn of some Delhi chaat and Masala Papads 🙂 .

And with a name such as Mithai Vatika, can desserts be left out! Though we did not go for the umpteen sweets on offer, we chose Ice Cream to round things off! In a matter of few seconds, delicious scoops of Vanilla, Butter Scotch, Mango Alphonso, Pista Badam & Kesar Malai Ice creams were deposited in front of us and they disappeared almost as quickly! Mr. Harsha ,however decided for the delectable Fruit Fiesta which was a Vanilla Ice Cream topped with variety of fruits and smothered with Strawberry and Chocolate sauce! Too good to resist I must say! At the end of the day, all of us had a wonderful time and more than the dishes, we enjoyed each others' company! It is not often that we find time out from our busy schedules to hang out and yakk about non-technical matters for a change! And that too on a weekday ! Wishing that more of such evenings be upon us in the future……

One thought on “Dhamaal at Dadu’s

  1. I mrs.latajashnani from pune come very regularly to hyderabad as i am born and bought up there i really miss that place so i make it a point to visit that place as often as i can i have visited dadu’s several times and just love the place the chaat counter outside with hot jalebis my its just very hard to resist. And the vareity of sweets displayed inside is just fantastic and its just so relaxing to just sit at the food court on the first floor and enjoy their delicacies well all i can say that just keep it up and all the best to them.

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