An Outing at Ohri’s

The Occasion was the birthday of a colleague, Mr.D  and the venue was the swank multi-cuisine and multi-level restaurant – Ohri's Banjara. A party of nine people set out on three bikes and a car to savour the delectable lunch buffet spread. I won't bore you with details but will outlay the menu on offer 😉 Out there were Tomato dhania soup, Peanut salad, Mexican chicken salad, coleslaw, vegetable salad, three kinds of papads, mutton biriyani, dum ka murgh, fish fry, paneer mutter masaala, mutter pulav, mixed vegetable curry, aloo capsicum fry, pasta, curd rice, plain rice, palak dal, 8 kinds of achaars, pani puri, sev puri, dahi puri, pineapple colada, orange cocktails, gajar ka halwa, jalebi, assorted pastries, Vanilla ice cream and freshly cut fruits!  🙂  Enough stuff for a famished group! And it was all polished off in a jiffy…..almost under an hour!

And guess whom did I run into at the eatery? Erstwhile baddie of Telugu movies- Rami Reddy. Looking kinda out-of-sync and not as menacing as on screen. Guess hez realized his time's up as new breeds of the villains..nay..anti-heroes are taking all the glory ! :mrgreen:

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