Rains Rains….Go Away….

…Come again another day! When I am at the office, please pour out to your heart's content, but when I am out on the roads, please stop till I get home!!! :mrgreen:

Pretty bad poetry that! But what to do? It started raining yesterday at the same time as I was meandering my way back home:evil: Ok, itz good that the rains have come at long last…but getting caught in a sudden downpour can be quite demoralizing! The situation was the same on Friday morning, when I started off to work, dressed nattily….and the rain had abated.But no sooner than I crossed a few blocks, then it started pouring again and I got drenched !!! I am not a monsoon-hater, but yeah, the muddy roads and vehicles hell-bent on splashing some on hapless pedestrains etc does make mee feel queasy! Hence am hoping that It does rain when I am in office…but stop when I am out commuting :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Rains Rains….Go Away….

  1. Rain has invented a thing for making it stop when you travel, its called an Umbrella, am not sure tho 😛

  2. Pshaw! An umbrella prevents us from getting wet but it doesn’t do anything to mitigate the mud and the slosh that rains cause 👿

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