Of Restarts & Reboots

Yesterday might have been the first time that I have rebooted my machine thsi many times within a short span of an hour or so! Sounds crazy all right but couldn't help it!

First it was the turn of Adobe Professional fetching its updates. I had version 7.0.5 and had put off getting the updates for versions 7.0.7 and 7.0.8 until yesterday. The download was about 30MB thereabouts but what was inane was that each of the three update files was downloaded and installed separately 👿 It was what one would call an 'incremental update'!!! Second in line was my in-house anti-virus scanner's updates to be downloaded and installed. This involved around three reboots as there was a Scan Engine-upgrade involved as well. And as if it had 'sensed' all of this updating going on, Windows decided to run the Microsoft Update utility and downloaded some 'Critical' updates as it quite so often calls its 'Plugs' for various leaks found out by Security companies the world around!

Within a period of an hour, I think I must'ave rebooted my machine almost a dozen times!But at the end of it all, I could heave a sense of relief as all the updating was over and done with :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “Of Restarts & Reboots

  1. When some installed software asks me to reboot, I ignore it and run it, it runs fine. Mad.

    I absolutely hate updates, imagine updating the whole Fedora core 5, 1.1 GB is the imagination size… Winamp releases a new thing all day, and 5.24 came with just *one* fkin fix… WTF?

  2. In case of Windows Updates, that thing keeps residing in the SysTray and pops up all too often prompting for Restarts 👿
    In case of Adobe, I didn’t have much choice since ‘some components will not be installed until winows is restarted’ 😐

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