Opera 9 Released

Though it was out a few days back, I downloaded it jus' today! Opera 9, the much hyped and talked-about browser has finally been released after what seemed like eons being in Beta :mrgreen:.The latest version has some new features like BitTorrent support, Widgets capabilities,thumbnails-of-tabs, enhanced security features and other enhancements.See all of the features here.

I haven't tried out the BitTorrent feature yet but the thumbnails-of-tabs is quite a nifty- though a wee bit annoying – feature! It shows the thumbnail of the webpage when the mouse is paused on the tab! Maybe useful for some…but annoying to many! The browser also seemed to load webpages much faster than its previous versions and is far more lighter on the CPU as compared to the other two browsers I use – Firefox & Flock. With four tabs open, Firefox consumed almost double the CPU as Opera 👿 But Opera doesn't offer the sheer customisibility as Firefox…but thatz another story! For the record, this post is made through Opera 9.0 :mrgreen:

Useful Info: TechCrunch | CNET Review | TheRegister |

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