SPAM Comments

I think it is usual for most bloggers to find many comments to their posts, which contain only spam. Spam in the sense-unwanted referrals, links to websites which market stuff, p0rn0 messages and all kinda others. WordPress has an in-built Spam filter called Akismet, which regularly filters out such spam and keeps the comments section clean. In fact, I think I can safely assume that more the amount of spam that a blog attracts, the more popular it is :mrgreen:

Akismet Spam Count

Well, the spam count on this blog has reached 200 jus' a few days ago 😐 And they were safely filtered out! So here's to Akismet for helping me keep my blog clean

4 thoughts on “SPAM Comments

  1. I got 1700 : 1300 (bad:good) comments…

  2. Ahh…urs is much more popular & widely-read than mine :humble:
    U r the Scoble of err…Chennai?? 😐

  3. Hi Chittaranjan, why did’t you install the spam filter on your blogs. One of them is Spam Karma 2.0. You can install it and prevent form spam blogs…

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