Weekend Movie Watching IV

This seems to be becoming a habit for me! Writing about the weekend escapades i.e. :mrgreen: For most working professionals, esp. for those in the IT/ITES industries, weekdays are like hell and weekends are the nirvana! It ain’t any different for me either. Weekends are reserved for fun & frolic and general lazying around…not to mention the various chores like washing/haircuts/manny-peddy etc! And oh yes! Movie watching 😉

For a change, we decided on a telugu flick and homed on the Venkatesh-Aarthi Agarwal starrer Nuvvu Naaku Nacchav.An endearing love story with sublime melodies and quite a heady dose of humour & melodrama, it is an eminently watchable movie. From a simple love story to a complex one….Gangster was next on our list. Starring Emraan Hashmi and newcomers Shiney Ahuja and Kangana Ranaut, this was another movie from the Bhatt camp which had great music, gripping storyline and some good performances. A story of a man on the run from justice and how he reconciles with his lover while turning over a new leaf, it had some good performances from Shiney & Kangana. And know what? This was the first Emraan Hashmi movie that I saw !!! Music was its highpoint,even though the tunes were ‘lifts’ from other compositions!

Sunday was the day when we caught up the three Harry Potter movies being aired on Pogo! Though the movies are for children & teens, they’re quite fun to watch. And them being the Hindi versions, makes it all the more exciting! I was LOL hearing the names of the houses or even the spells being cast in hindi! Imagine Gryffindor as Garud-dwar or Slytherin as Naag-Shakti 😆 All the while, the movie-watching was intersped with the Soccer World Cup and the Formula 1 Race…so that’s the reason we could watch only a handful of’em!

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