FIFA World Cup 2006 – Italy win a thriller

I know that I have not been writing about the goings-on at the Soceer World Cup as i used to do thelast fortight or so! But there is a reason for it…..when I started out penning the daily updates, I thought it would make for a nice read..but now the fizz has gone away somewhat and hence I thought it better to put an end to it and only write about the exciting outcomes.

And yesterday’s match was as exciting as any of them! Italy took on Australia in the round of 16 match and it was one helluva encounter. Australia were on a high after their sterling performance against Japan and their last-gasp efforts in clinching a draw against Croatia. Italy too were upbeat but were a striker short.The first half saw Italy squander many opportunities but so did Australia. The match took a decisive turn when Materazzi was sent off at the start of the second half and Australia pressed forward and tried to utilize their one-man-advantage. But Italy were staunch in their defense and parried out numerous attacks. When almost everyone was thinking that the match would go to Extra time, right at the fag end of injury time, Italy were awarded a controversial penalty kick after Neill brought down Grosso in the vicinity of the Australian goal. Francesco Totti scored from the spot kick and thousands of Aussies were heartbroken! Italy going on to win the match 1-0 and will meet Ukraine.

The second match of the day saw Ukraine outplay Switzerland 3-0 in a penalty shootout! In what was a disastrous shootout for the Swiss, they missed three chances while Ukraine took theirs! Ukraine will now meet Italy in the Quarter finals on Friday.

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