FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals

With the FIFA WorldCup reaching its Quarter-Finals stage, it is all to play for! Winners move on and Losers go home. It was the same in the round of sixteen but now its down to 8 teams…and four matches. The first of the QF’s was played between Germany and Argentina. A match of which I missed the greater part because of a party but somehow managed to return back home just in time for the Penalty shootout. And after a nerve-wracking 10-12 minutes, Germany came out on top, having beaten Argentina 4-2 on penalties. The match ended 1-1 and remained thus even after Extra Time..thus necessiating a penalty shootout. Argentina missed two penalties, which were saved by Jens Lehmann as easy-as-pie! They were mere tap-ins rather than powerful strokes and that proved to be the Argentinians undoing!The Second QF was a master-piece menagerie of attacking & defensive play from Italy who romped home with a 3-0 victory over a hapless Ukraine side. Zambrotta scored as early as the 6th minute and then Luca Toni added two more in the second half in what was a comfortable win for the Italians.

I had to miss both the QF’s that were played out on 1st of July owing to my journey back to Hyderabad! And what a shame I missed the matches which saw England and brazil bow out of the World Cup! I caught the highlights today and boy! did the French outclass the Brazilians…..they simply blew’em away! And it was heartbreak for England as they went out on Penalties for the umpteenth time in a major tournament! I’m not sure opening the shootout with an out-of-form Frank Lampard was a great idea! His shot was short on confidence and Ricardo saved it with ease. Gerrard’s shot was almost a carbon-copy of Lampard’s and Ricardo saved that too. Christiano Ronaldo thumped home the winning penalty which sealed a 3-1 win for Portugal, sending them into the Semi Finals after 40 years!

The two Semi-Final lineups now are Germany Vs. Italy & France Vs. Portugal. I’m sure they’ll turn out to be cracker of matches……may the best team win. P.S: Italy is the best team :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup Quarter Finals

  1. Italy’s defence has so far been superb but there attack hasnt been that good . But lets see how it does again germany ..

  2. btw you got a nice blog , Really difficut to find Hard Core soccer and epl fans these days .

  3. Thanx! I do have this sneak feeling that Italy will pull off a win over Germany. Agreed that their defence is stronger than offence but Germany’s defence hasn’t really been tested till now.Will be a great game for sure 😀

  4. I am a huge football fan living in the U.S. I have moved here from the U.K and am pleased to see a slow increase in the level support for football here in the U.S. I enjoyed watching the world cup finals this year and as great as the finals are I believe they can be even better. I find it a shame that players are constantly trying to deceive the referee. I know of no other sport where there is such a continuous and deliberate attempt by the players to sway the referee’s decision or where so many fouls are committed in the hope that the referee will not be watching.

    I think it’s important for the referee to be in charge of the final decision regarding any fouls or the penalising of players, and I think FIFA should do everything they can to ensure continuity and flow in the game. So I am not an advocate of stopping the game constantly to review footage in order to determine what exactly happened. However I strongly believe that the current practice by FIFA of reviewing footage and disciplining players who has committed very dangerous fouls, should be extended to more minor infringements.

    For instance in addition to all current refereeing practices, I believe that FIFA officials should monitor the recorded footage of the games, count the number of times a foul is committed by each player (or how many times they are adjudged to have dived etc) and if they exceed a certain number (let’s say 10) in any one game, then the player should be issued with a post-match yellow card. This would ensure

    1. That the continuity of the game is preserved
    2. Players will take in to account that no matter where the referee is on the field their actions, be it on or off the ball, will be observed
    3 It would give the players an incentive to reduce their committing of fouls and
    4. It would give the teams an incentive to encourage the players to avoid such action.

    Technology has come a long way and we need to make sure it is used as a tool by the referees in order to improve their awareness of what is going on around them and bring about more informed and accurate decisions.

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