FM Radio…..Nonstop!

Nowadays I’m carrying about a new cellphone – the Sony Ericsson K700i – which has an in-built FM Radio feature and which is of good use to me. Ever sinde I came back from home, I’ve been sitting in my room, trying to tune-in to any one of the stations that are broadcast in Hyderabad…but to no avail! Due to some mysterious reason, I am able to receive only FM Rainbow on my handset while at moi room….rest of the channels are maybe too weak or else the receiver was not catching ’em signals!

But today I ventured out with my headset et al and en route to work, tuned in and found that reception was crystal-clear 🙂 I could receive all the four – yes! Four – FM channels that are on air! Radio City, Radio Mirchi and FM Rainbow were the three…but I dunno abt the fourth 😐 and from morning till now, I have been listening to them non-stop 😀

2 thoughts on “FM Radio…..Nonstop!

  1. How to listen in the internet

  2. well, you can’t! Unless someone rebroadcast it 😦

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